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Head Wrap Hot/cold reusableTherapy

Head Wrap Hot/cold reusableTherapy

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  • This Migraine ice pack includes an ice pack and a uniquely shaped cover that guarantees both your front and back head can be wrapped with an ice pack for cold therapy, secured around the head for hands-free application.

  •  Equipped with an adjustable strap, this one-piece designed headache relief ice pack can fit most head sizes, support up to 24" head circumference. You can just wear it as a wrap-around while working or laying down.

  • Multiple Uses - You can wear it like a hat or as a cooling eye mask to solve eye problems like puffy eyes, dark circles, tired eyes. V shape holes can effectively block light and provide a dark environment when you sleep.

  • Effective Migraine Relief - This head ice pack combines the benefits of cryotherapy and compression pressure, provide effective relief for headache, migraine, inflammation, puffy eye, tension.




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