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Mini USB Portable Fan Hands-free Neck

Mini USB Portable Fan Hands-free Neck

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Item Description:

Ergonomic button design.
The motor has a low speed, smooth shifting speed, and a large speed range.
Intelligent wind speed control, enjoy the cool feeling brought by different wind speeds.
It has been operated, convenient and fast.
Can be used for sports, leisure, office, and fitness.
USB interface for easy charging.
360-degree universal adjustment, the wind is free to control.
Sports Fan only, other accessories demo in the picture is not included!

Function Buttons:

1. Long press three seconds (turn on / off)
2. Touch key, cycle switching speed.
3. Working: blue light flash.
4. Charging: red light flash.
5. Full of electricity: blue lights bright.
6. Electricity shortage: red light flash.

Package Contents:

1 x Sport Fan
1 x Micro USB Cable


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