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Portable Pet Water Bottle

Portable Pet Water Bottle

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Type: water bottle
Material: Plastic
Adapt to dog breeds: universal
Capacity: Other
1. If you are looking for something that can be used for puppies when taking the puppies to the park, then this pet water bottle may help you because it is easy to carry and has a large capacity and easy to carry
2. A wide sink design, a good way to bring a small amount of water to the dog, can help your puppy drink water more easily
3. The silicone seal ring makes the pet feeder not easy to leak when turned over. Don't worry about the embarrassment of wet clothes
4. Hang processing. maintain. storage. You can carry this kettle with you in different ways. Good helper when you plan to travel with pets
5. This pet kettle has a safety button to control accidental water discharge. You can even put it in your bag or hang it on your waist without worrying about water flowing on your bag or clothes
6. This pet bottle is very convenient, you can carry it like a normal bottle without having to put the feeder on the floor to drink for pets
Bottle cap ABS material Bottle body PC material 420ML capacity with a lanyard

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