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Women Postoperative Shapewear

Women Postoperative Shapewear

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  • Its total back coverage helps to improve posture avoiding lumbar pain.
  • Ergonomic on shoulders
  • 6 Roads, Corset effects
  • Stylize abdomen, waist, and legs.
  • Lift the buttocks.
  • Abdominal reinforcement
  • Extra-High compression.
  • Four-position hooks



the waist training corset can flatten the abdomen, reduce waistline, support the back, postpartum recovery, improve posture, relieve waist pain, protect the spine, and expedite fat burn while exercising, combined with a healthy lean diet and drink plenty of water for a slimmer and more beautiful body, perfect for women.

This waist trainer bodysuit is not easily deformed by a normal dress. You can dress it for occasions such as postpartum, wedding, gym, club, party, cosplay custom, or Christmas. Any occasion you want looks slimmer.

postpartum, wedding, gym, club, party, cosplay custom, Christmas. Any occasion you want looks slimmer.


1. Look slimmer and sexy: Use our zipper belt to reduce inches and shape your body. This female postpartum belt can comfortably control your abdomen and waist while strengthening your hips and buttocks. Our women's full-body shaper fits your contour perfectly and makes you look great with any outfit. Show off your hourglass figure by wearing our Colombian body-shaping catsuit.
2. Stealth design: We have provided an excellent design for this hip-lifting body shaper to make it imperceptible. These sculpting women's postpartum belts fit so well that you will almost forget to wear them. With a hidden lining and flat zipper, this hip-enhanced shapewear can hide under any shape you can think of.
3. Abdomen control body shaping clothes. The abdomen-shaping pants are neatly cut and sleek. The waist is high enough. The front and back double-layer fabric can help you flatten your belly fat, reduce waist circumference, control the handle of love, and moderate compression will instantly make you look smoother and slimmer.
4. Flat abdomen; shape waist; improve posture; low back pain; postpartum recovery; shape buttocks; sweat more and burn fat during exercise; prevent herniated discs and sprains of lumbar muscles. Versatility, such as Powernet, will generate the compression force needed to allow your skin to breathe naturally through the belt.

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